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NAABB consists of former business sellers or buyers who became NAABB Certified Brokers after an experience with an old school business broker.

Let our experience work for you. Since 2001, we have been a leader in business seller representation. We developed the only mobile app in the industry that has revolutionized the way businesses are sold. By working with an NAABB Certified Brokerage, you will receive  a full service plan utilizing standard marketing with highly advanced social and digital marketing. To put it simply, we can reach a massive buyer pool that no other business broker or representative can reach. This is a must for motivated business sellers.

NAABB owner and founder Scott Radin is known internationally as a business brokering leader and his leadership has made NAABB the place to go to sell a business in a confidential manner to qualified buyers. At NAABB, all of our brokers work every day because they want to get their seller clients to closing.


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